Hi my name is Jenny and I live, studied, and work in the fashion industry. I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in Fashion Merchandising, which led to a career I love.

There are 2 things I love in life which are food and clothes. I try to eat healthy most of the time but at times I give myself a little leeway, like occasional treat(which is ok=P). I like to dress up everyday just for the heck of it! Every day is a new day and dressing in pretty outfits always makes me feel happy! Happy mood = healthy life!

I’ve always gotten positive feedback about my outfits and my friends frequently inquire where I shop. I thought I should create a blog to share my findings. I hope this blog can be inspiring or helpful in some way.

And of course, I’m a shopaholic — but in a smart way! I speed shop, looking for something that catches my eye at the affordable and reasonable price! I don’t look for brands; I look more at the quality and uniqueness of a garment or product.

Ooh one important thing about me, I loooove pink! While I rarely wear pink, I like having accessories and gadgets in pink!

Thanks for reading!


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