Sleeveless Stripe Top


I went to go visit a mansion in Beverly Hills with my friends few days ago. It was sunny and hot day, since it was a long walk so I decided to wear something comfy. I threw on a sleeveless loose top with comfy jeans and pointed flats to look more chic and still casual. This is one of my favorite striped tops, very sophisticated with the clean lines. You can also dress it up by wearing a trouser and stilettos sandals – there’s my next outfit!

Top: J.Crew | Shoes: old


Wool-blend Plaid Coat

Today I decided to go for a bolder look with this boxy gingham plaid coat. Plaid is always a classic print, you can dress it up or down depends how you style it. The first thing I thought when I saw this coat in the store is that I can style it with the hat I bought before! You can’t go wrong with a wide brim hat. It’s interesting that I just found out how Forever21 website is styling with a hat as well ^.~.

Coat: Forever21 | Hat: Forever21