My Barbie Costume

Happy Halloween! 

Few weeks ago, my friend gave me an idea of a barbie costume for this Halloween and I actually went for it! 

I didn’t start this project until last week because I was hunting for a big box for the past few weeks, then I finally found one in my garage! I bought hot pink wrapping paper from Marshalls and covered the box with spray adhesive. Added a few details and tataaaa!


Vertical Striped Dress

Vertical stripes creates long lines, which makes you look thinner and taller. But not all vertical stripes can work out for everyone. It depends on the body type, the thickness of the stripes, and the color of the stripes. The wider the stripes, the bolder statement. To play safe, you can start off with pinstripes. Black and white stripes are the most common colors in fashion and the safest color. When you’re wearing black and white stripes, adding red colors to your outfit can make a dramatic difference. You can wear this dress with a skinny belt to create a waist line, or just let it hang loose and still look glamorous with this relaxed look.

You can preorder this dress from JYJZ.